Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pass on the Grass

It's Holy Week and it's easyto forget that this time in sacred. But don't you agree that there's no forgetting that it's Easter Basket a Makin' Time! We'll play along and decorate the eggs. This year with homemade dye and natural decorations, but we will resist the grass.

You know Easter basket grass. The stuff that you find mid-summer in the couch whose half-life is 1,000 years and goes straight to the landfill. Look, I know it's a buzz-kill, but there are alternatives.

Here are a few ways to make Easter basket giving just as bright and bunny-ful sans the day-glo colored grass. Consider using:

- Shred up some all magazine pages. If you don't have a shredder or paper cutter, use a pizza wheel or head down to Fed Ex/Kinkos and use theirs.

- Make your basket sizzle with your own zizzle and fold up accordion-style a few sheets of seasonal construction paper and cut into 1/8" strips. It's fast and easy. Use these cut up again as confetti for the next birthday card you send to Grandpa.

- Abandon basket grass or filler altogether and give one gift wrapped item. Use an old scarf or a scrap from the fabric bin.

I know you can think of other great solutions, just keep on walking when you approach your local 'Easter Extravaganza' aisle.

Have a Blessed Easter.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No More Nail Clipping Cries!

Did I mention I don't really miss the end of my pinkie that my Dad nicked off while clipping my nails as an infant? Oh, no, I didn't? That's because I DO MISS IT!

Satsuma Designs has an organic and affordable solution to the anger, guilt (Dad?) and anxiety that clipping baby's nails can evoke. Check out our brand spanking (no necessary) new Organic Bamboo Baby Scratch Mittens ($8/pair). These little gems fashioned with an adorable gros grain ribbon tab for easy on/off will keep baby's gnarly nails from inflicting permanent damage on that soft, fragile little skin.

Come on folks, protect the next generation!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eco-Chic Expo Blooms on May Day in Seattle

Extra! Extra! There's exciting news from Seattle’s sustainability community. This May 1st marks the first Eco-Chic Expo: an interactive green lifestyle event at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center.

Co-founded by Satsuma Designs and two other eco-chic companies, Tread Light Gifts and, the event is sure to be a great May Day full of tips, tricks and products to live a little greener the event.

Eco-Chic Expo is free to the public and will feature products, services and demos some of Seattle’s leading sustainable lifestyle companies from every part of life: design, home, fashion, food, baby, beauty, and more.

Come join us in May!