Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Milk it! BPA-free, Glass Baby Bottles for Green Babies

Let's face it, plastic is getting a bad, bad rap especially when related to baby bottles or how about Chinese Baby Formula and for good reason. So to stop the maddness and scare tactics, it's best to just look for a tried and true alternative - glass bottles for babies.

It's likely that you baby's health is the top priority when choosing nursery and feeding supplies, but glass bottles can be expensive. Baby Grows Green did some price checking and here's what we found.

Evenflo - 3-Pakc 8-Ounce Glass Bottles - A steal at $6.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Nature Pure - 3-Pack 8 oz. Glass Baby Bottles - $10.99 Direct from the Manufacturer

Dr. Brown - 2-Pack Natural Flow 7 oz. Standard Neck Glass Baby Bottle - On Sale for $12.99 at Drugstore.com

Born Free - 2-Pack 9oz. Vented Glass Bottles - $19.99 Direct from the Manufacturer

babylife - Single 9 oz wee•go™ bottle - $18.00 Direct from the Manufacturer - Expensive!, but definitely the cutest of the bunch with a bpa-free sleeve to protect the bottle from bumps and bangs in the diaper bag, car floor, etc.