Sunday, November 28, 2010

Veggie Mind Tricks

It's simple and could be simply zany, but one way to increase your veg intake is to make them too accessible to miss. I recently swapped my fruits for veggies in my more accessible fridge drawer (in my left handled unit, that's the left hand bottom drawer). My kids are constantly accessing that left hand drawer and now they get a rainbow of beta carotene, vitamins E, C, et al. And guess what, they're magically delicious (with a little steaming, butter and/or brown sugar!).

And don't forget to make some of those veggies organic. Check out The Daily Green's Dirty Dozen to keep kiddos (and you!) healthy and green.

Bon appetit!

image courtesy of Full Circle Farm a NW CSA

Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's hear it for Cool Moms! If you’ve got the urge to purge in Seattle, CoolMom would love to receive your gently-used toys, games, books, puzzles and kid gear for our used toy sale.

They'll have donation barrels in place until next Thursday, November 11th. They promise your toys will go to loving hands and the proceeds will go to fund things like our car seat recycling drives, walking school buses, and Earth Day activities like the Green Lake pinwheel wind farm. A portion will also go to FamilyWorks food bank and resource center.

Donation barrels can be found at:
PCC Fremont
PCC Green Lake
• John Stanford International School (42nd Street entrance)
• Greenwood Elementary
PCC Green Lake
Phinney Neighborhood Association - foyer of blue building
• Small Faces Child Development Center - 9250 14th Ave NW

The sale is from 9:30- 1:30 on Saturday November 13th at the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club.

Thanks for keeping your toys out of the landfill!