Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recycled Rainwear!

Kamik Kid's SLOSH Rainboot, shown in Plum.

Is your family on the prowl for some fantastic new rain boots?  If the answer is yes, or even if it’s no, I urge you to check out the Kamik website.  Whether you’re in the mood for classic yellow, or something with a little more funk, they offer stylish recycled rain boots for the entire family.  What better way to keep your little one’s toes dry and cozy than to slip them into rain boots made from recycled materials?  This particular brand of boots is unique (besides their wide array of colors, styles and sizes) because when you outgrow your pair of boots, they can be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling!

Even if you prefer to stay indoors when the weather conditions are less than desirable, check out their line of slippers made from recycled boiled wool.  I’ve worn and LOVED their women’s slippers.  They’re unbelievably comfortable and lasted for quite some time.  Much like their rain boots, they offer a multitude of colors and are available for the whole family.  Slip your sweetie into this beige pair of slippers decorated with a tiny puppy appliqué.

Photo courtesy of Kamik

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bedtime Blues.

It seems many of the babies and young children in my life are having trouble sleeping.  I decided to research some tips to help during nap time.  My first step was a call to my mother because I am more than aware that I was a "difficult child" and therefore was certain my sleep habits fit into this "difficult child" persona.  Her advice was simply to swaddle the baby in a soft blanket and try different rocking techniques.  She also found some relief in a few aromatherapy solutions (chamomile, rose and lavender essential oils to name a few).  Even as a seasoned child-care provider, I still have yet to perfect "the swaddle".  Companies like Satsuma Designs and Swaddle Designs have created the perfect size swaddling blanket taking away the complications involved with wrapping up your little one.  If you're in the market for a new swaddling blanket check out Satsuma Designs' brand new flannel swaddling blanket, perfect to keep your baby stylish, comfy and cozy this winter!

My second step was a trip to the library and found a fantastic book:  Rock-a-Bye Baby: 200 Ways to Help Baby (and You!) Sleep Better.  This book is jam packed with great ideas.  This book has everything from schedules and swaddling techniques to uses of aromatherapy and body positioning.  There is surely something in there for every mother and child.

Third (and final… for now) came my quest through the depths of the World Wide Web.  I came across the Nap Nanny.  The site claims “The Nap Nanny mimics the contours of a car seat, the comfort of a baby blanket and features maximum stability”.  With a safety strap and waterproof lining this seems like the perfect way to get those fussy babies to sleep.  Like any other product it is important to read and follow the safety recommendations (don’t put carrier on counter, table, or inside the crib).



Photo courtesy of Satsuma Designs LLC