Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haiku for the rest of us

Chuck E Cheese our mouse
To delight and exhaust when
Kids need a night out

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Rules: Limit Lunchbox Waste

Helping the kids go green? One of the easiest ways to share an eco-friendly philosophy with your kids is through meals. Whether recycling food scraps in the compost bin or yard waste container or packing a waste free lunch for school, little hints add up to big results.
There are some great tools to limit lunchbox waste. Here are a couple I love!

Check out Mama Goes Green for great BPA-free and organic products. Check out the LapTop Lunch Bento Box System. The $34.95 price tag sounds steep, but consider how many Ziploc (R) baggies you'll save!

And to keep the kiddos hydrated and plastic free, sling a web around this Spiderman Thermos. The inside is Stainless Steel and non-reactive. This is better than other aluminium lined options.

Keep it green!