Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strike A Flower Yoga Pose with Lotus Mat

Back to school is a great time for resolutions and that includes healthy parents and kids. Try out a few yoga poses before school or after to tone up and increase flexibility. Try the FLOWER POSE shown here at ehow.com by instructor, Nora Forziati.

Make sure you have the right gear for you and the kids. Stock up on the Lotuspad eco yoga mats. Save 20% today on orders of $75. They're gunk free, cute and made of TPE, the new replacement for PVC in many eco-friendly products. Look for new eco-plastic products from Satsuma Designs.

Stopping The Madness: Holiday Card Consumption Dilemna Solved

I know. It's only October, so why is it normal, necessary or healthy to be planning the family holiday card? It's not, but as a busy lady, I get a big dose of 'I'm in control!' from planning stuff like this.

Part of my angst for the entire project comes from the dozens of cards I'll send and receive. I love all the greetings and seeing the beautiful little faces of friends' kids, but that's a lot of paper, stamps and adhesive in the mix and I like to conserve.

To calm my scrooge-like tendencies, I'm considering Green Field Paper Company's Grow-A-Note holiday card selection. These customizable, totally eco-friendly cards can be planted in the spring to grow a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. The cards and envelopes are made of post-consumer recycled materials, but you're on your own with the stamps! And, they're running a promotion, up to 15% off orders. ($1.24/card with envelope on bulk orders).

Happy Holidays?!

Photo courtesy of Green Field Paper Co.

Yummy Teething Relief

Being a baby is hard. I know it's hard taking care of said baby too, but consider the changes for the little one, a la producing teeth! Here's an organic teething treat to soothe even the fiercest snaggle tooth babes.

Satsuma Designs Tasty Teething Pops:
You'll need:
- 1 soft banana
- 1/4 c organic blueberries, washed
- 1/2 c plain yogurt (we go full fat FAGE for my beanpole - working to fatten her up)
- food mill/grinder (KidCo's is great. $15.99 at Happy Baby Products)
- small bowl
- spoon
- small sized ice cube trays - holes should measure <1" Munchkin mesh teether - $7.59 for a pair at Amazon. Available with PRIME too - free shipping with annual fee)

Send banana and blueberries through foodgrinder, mix with yogurt. It should be juicy enough to then spread out in ice tray (do that). Freeze until hard (couple of hours). Pop out fruity cubes and insert into mesh teething/snack pouch.

Enjoy the gummy bliss!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Labor Day: Easy Peasy Back to School Prep

Summer is setting as school and work schedules loom ahead. Take the next few days to relax and rejuvenate by planning favorite family outings. Whether fun means hitting the backyard or park with the kids, cooking a new and sustainably sourced meal, or soaking up the last few chapters of the summer read don't sacrifice the lull before the proverbial storm.

And if planning for the transition to fall gives some satisfaction plan to sketch out goals for greening up your lifestyle. September is a great time to tackle a checklist to sort, purge, donate, recycle and organize space and attitudes.

Consider tackling the following Back to School Green Family Checklist:

- Sort, clean and recycle outdoor toys that may have seen intense use these last few months. Get the kids help sort into three categories: Active, Store, Donate. Clean up all three categories with a good scrub down (watch water usage!) and box into totes or bag up for the recycling center. Be sure to Sharpie mark the Store bins for easy retrieval next Memorial Day.

- Compile school supplies at the Home Store by hitting the family junk drawer and mom/dad's office first. Challenge the family to fulfill teacher's supply list with items you already have to save cash and consumption. Highlighters, pencils, erasers, ruler, calculator, notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, binders, crayons, markers (washable), and more could be just a drawer away.

- Fall into fashion by sorting closets. Add some flare to old combinations with new accessories instead of all new apparel. Check out FamilyFun Magazine's great way to re purpose old sweaters by felting them into updated cuffs, bracelets, headbands and more.

- Make a Green lunch routine. Cut out waste during school lunch by getting kids involved in menu planning and packing. Take the chance to talk about recycling and cutting back on waste. Discuss ways to conserve. Consider a bento-style lunch box instead of baggies. Talk about menus to ensure that what gets packed, gets eaten.

And when you've sorted, cleaned, organized and purged let your trash become some one's treasure. For donation and recycling options take your bounty to your local charity or consider a recycle/free-cycle option in your area such as Swap Mamas, a nifty exchange for all kinds of bartering.