Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Tips for Clean, Green, Eco-Serene Laundry

Not many love it, but there may perhaps be something satisfying about conquering the endless cycle of laundry that comes with a family, pairs and singles. Who's ready to confess that finally slaying the dump, sort, wash, dry, fold, put away dragon feels mighty nice?

Make it even nicer by keeping it green and eco-clean. Here are some tips to keep the family looking and smelling fresh and keep the salmon swimming.

1. Only machine wash in full loads in cold water or warm for whites
2. Line dry when weather and time permits
3. Machine wash once per week – even an active family of four should be able to accomplish this goal in 4-6 loads (one FULL load per person plus linens and a delicates)
4. Hand wash and line dry delicates (no machine washing as suggested above)
5. Use an enviro-friendly wash detergent that’s phosphate, chlorine and the other ‘nasties’-free 6. Make your own all natural washing machine detergent with a recipe of soap flakes, washing soda and borax
7. Spot clean apparel and toys with lemon juice and set out in sunshine – for colder, clear winter and fall days, simply lay items in a sunny window for the same result.
8. Dress and sleep in all natural fibers
9. Choose naturally anti-bacterial fabrics such as bamboo rayon
10. Fluff or time dry in dryer

Tighter fold please.

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