Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snack Attack Goes Green

Pack a ton of nutrients, stave off hunger and feel great about the good work you're doing for the old bod. Try this little snack mix that keeps the team at Satsuma Designs working and playing hard with the little satsumas.

Satsuma Snack Mix
- 2 handfuls organic roasted almonds (no salt)
- 2 handfuls pepitas (the inside of a pumpkin seed - incredible source of iron for a little seed!)
- 1/2 a handful chopped brazil nuts (only need a little of this to get the great benefit of selenium)
- 1 handful dried cranberries (can sub raisins or whatever's in the pantry in terms of dried fruit)
- 1 and a dash more handful of dark chocolate chips or chunks (try chopping your favorite semi-sweet bar into this)

Combine in a reusable baggie like ReUsies or old jam jar with top. Mix it up and enjoy!!

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